Welcome to DL5MLO's Digiinfo Homepage!

This page is currently more or less plain text, without any special effects. It's main purpose is to be a distribution point for my Linux version of the Digiinfo program.

NEWS! Digiinfo-2.5.1 released!

digiinfo-2.5.1 is a bugfix release fixing a small but nasty bug which damages your data files when you try to update them. I also have made the new data files (HM50-U22) available for digiinfo as well as for all other programs needing them. Go to the Downloading page to get them...

The Story

To read more about the history of Digiinfo, click here!

Go and get it!

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Data files

The data files for HAMMAP, and thus for Digiinfo, are voluntarily kept up to date by some hams who enjoy it to just browse throug the packet radio network, searching for new nodes to explore the net and to connect where nobody else has connected to before...

However, it may happen that the information in these files is incorrect or - which is even more likely - incomplete. Since we are based in germany, we have Europe quite complete. But the rest on the map is more or less a huge white spot ....

If you want to help, send your information to Helmut, DG8FBL@DB0EAM.#HES.DEU.EU

(Currently I do only know this adress, which is his Packet mail adress...)


I want to thank Mel, N5VDA, and the hams at Winc for providing this Webspace!

Special thanks also have to go to Karsten, DC7OS. Without his version of Digiinfo, this version would probably not exist!

If you have comments, suggestions, bug reports or other problems, feel free to send me a message!

I can be reached as

For now, 73s, and good DX on Packet Radio!

Have Fun!