TNOS Conference Bridge Command Summary

/?                   Prints a short summary of the available commands
/Help                Prints this help information
/Accept              Accept an invitation or page
/Bye                 Terminate the convers session
/CAll callsign       Displays callbook information for 'callsign'
/Channel n           Switch to channel n
/COlor [on|off]      Turns ANSI color graphics on or off (or displays setting)
/CUt                 Simulates the cutting of a card deck/displays selection
/Exit                Terminate the convers session
/Groups              List all available groups and nets
/Invite user [msg]   Invite a user to join your channel (and send message)
/Join groupname      Join (or create) a group named 'groupname'
/Links [LONG]        List all connections to other hosts
/Msg user text...    Send a private message to user
/Net subcommand      Net functions (type "/help net" for a subcommand listing)
/NEWs                Prints out the current Conference Bridge 'news'
/NIckname name       Set the name you will be identified by
/NONickname          Reset nickname to your username
/NOPassword          Clear out your current password
/Page user [msg]     Page a user to join your channel (and send message)
/PASsword pwd        Set your current password
/PErsonal info       Allows you to specify some personal info about yourself
/Quit                Terminate the convers session
/QUOte               Sends host's Quote-of-the-day to the current channel
/Realname [user]     List nicknames and realnames of users
/ROll                Simulates the rolling of two dice/displays selection
/Send user text...   Send a private message to user
/SMiley              Displays a random 'smiley' and the meaning of that smiley
/SOunds ON|OFf       Turn sounds (bell characters) on or off
/Time                Sends host's current time to all on the current channel
/Who [QUICK]         List all users and their channel numbers
/WHOIs [user]        Gives complete information about a user
/WRite user text...  Send a private message to user


     * Net Sub-Commands available to all users:
                 Displays all channels with active Net Sessions
Control              Displays identity of Net Control for current channel
Help                 Displays this list
Question text        Queues your question 'text' until Net Control is ready
Recheck              Request a recheck from the Net Control
Start topicname      Become Net Control of a new Net on current channel
Write text           Send private message to current Net Control

     * Net Sub-Commands available ONLY to current Net Control:
Assign user          Assign 'user' as the new Net Control
Bump user [channel]  Bump a disruptive user off net to another channel (or 0)
CLosed               Make a Closed Net (others must be invited in)
End                  Complete a Net Session
Info                 Listing of current net settings
Log                  Displays a listing of all current check-ins to all users
Minutes [file]       Create a log of Net activity (close log if no 'file')
Nopassword           Removes necessity of a password to enter Net Session
Open                 Make an Open Net (default)
Password pword       Set a password required for entry (unless invited in)
Question [*]         Deals with the next queued question. '*' is an option:
                     (?-status, p-previews next, s-skips next, none-displays)
Topic topicname      Change the 'topicname' of this Net Session