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Real Name: Mel Smith A face only a mother could love!
Callsign: N5VDA
Ampr Mail: n5vda@gw.n5vda.ampr.org
E-Mail: mello@vdazone.org
Locator: EL29GT
Occupation: Service Technician
Hobbies: Amateur Radio, Computers V)iewer D)iscretion A)dvised

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Everything you wanted to know about packet, but were afraid to ask!

Where to find packet programs of all types.

PK/KA-Gold - Best AX25 Program Available!
Amateur Radio Supplies and Surplus @VDAZONE.ORG Website
Radio/TNC Wiring Diagrams Index
Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS)


HUGE Database of Amateur Radio EVERYTHING!
Daily Updated US Callbook Server
U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock
Amateur Repeater Database
Buckmaster Call Book


Hi there, and thanks for visiting my home page. If you haven't noticed by now, I am an Amateur "HAM" Radio Operator, CALLSIGN: N5VDA, in Houston, Texas. Locator:EL29GT This page is devoted to Packet Radio AX.25, NETROM, and TCPIP. Contents of the pages and URLs you will find here will take you all over the world in pursuit of the "PERFECT" packet! I am interested in TCP/IP over packet radio. I have setup a TELNET Gateway using TNOS 2.30 running under RED HAT LINUX 4.2

To hear the correct pronunciation of Linux from the creator, click here... Linus Torwalds Speaks!

Several Hams in the area have donated LOTS of computer parts and support to this system. Many thanks to everyone! DL5MLO, KC5OHJ, KC5CCQ, N5WTF, N5KCY, WB5CHV, KB5TMZ, N5XWB, N5XWT, KC5WHX, WB5PTK and W5JPD at Electrotex. Thank You. Be advised: If you are not a HAM radio operator, you will NOT have access! For access, send e-mail to: n5vda@gw.n5vda.ampr.org with SUBJECT:"system access" In the body of your message, state your callsign as your LOGIN: and a PASSWORD: of your choice. Your Full name and address. Also leave your e-mail address so I can send you confirmation of registry into the system.

Connect to lantz.com

Shortcut to FTP TNOS

Location Map of Station N5VDA, Locator EL29GT

If you are a licensed Radio Amateur and have TELNET, try this

My Amprnet Gateway......VDAGW


Thanks again for stopping by the gw.n5vda.ampr.org packet home page
From the "VDAZONE" Network...73 de Mel
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